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Small Tft Module factory

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  • For: Sale
  • Country: Bahrain
  • Condition: New
  • Lenght: 11
  • Beam: 5
  • Built: 1990
  • Full Speed: 11KM
  • Listed: May 10, 2018 6:32 am
  • Expires: This ad has expired


3.5” tft display
3.5” tft display XTPQ35SN07
Model No. XTPQ35SN07
►Display Format: 320×240
►Size: 3.5’’
►View Direction: 6H
►Interface: MCU
►Built-in Controller: HX8238
►Touch Screen: RTP
1.General Description and Features of 3.5” tft display
3.5” tft display XTPQ35SN07 is a TM (Transmissive) type color active matrix TFT (Thin Film Transistor) liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses amorphous silicon TFT as a switching device. This 3.5” tft displayl is composed of a TFT-LCD module, a driver circuit and a back-light unit . The resolution of a 3.5″ contains 320RGBx240 dots and can display up to 16.7M colors. The following table described the features of XTPQ35SN07.
-QVGA(320 x 240 pixels) resolution.
-Display in 16.7M colors.
-On-chip voltage generator.
-SYNC mode is supported for digital RGB input data format.
1.2LCD Module
Screen Size3.5 inchesDiagonal
Display Resolution320 x RGB x 240Dot
Dot Pitch0.073 (H) x 0.219 (V)mm
Active Area70.08 (H) x 52.56 (V)mm
Outline Dimension76.9 (W) x 63.9 (H) x 3.27 (D)mm
Display ModeNormally white/Transmissive–
Pixel ArrangementRGB-Stripe–
Surface TreatmentAnti-glare (AG)–
Display Color16.7M–
Viewing Direction6 o’clock (Gray Inversion)–
Input InterfaceDigital 8-bits color RGB–
Color GamutNTSC 60%–
Drive ICHX8238–
2.Mechanical Information
Module SizeHorizontal (H)–76.90–mm–
Vertical (V)–63.90–mm(1)
Thickness (T)–4.7–mm(2)
Note (1) Not include FPC.
Refer to the Outline Dimension for further information.
(2) Back-light unit are included.
3.Electrical Specifications
3.1Absolute Max. Ratings
3.1.1Absolute Ratings of Environment
If the operating condition exceeds the following absolute maximum ratings, the TFT LCD module may be damaged permanently.
(Ta=25±2°C, VSS=GND=0)
Storage temperatureTSTG-3080°C(1)
Operating temperatureTOPR-2070°C(1,2,3)
Note (1) 95 % RH Max. ( 40 °C ≥ Ta ). Maximum wet-bulb temperature at 39 °C or less. (Ta > 40 °C) No condensation.
Note (2) In case of below 0°, the response time of liquid crystal (LC) becomes slower and the color of panel becomes darker than normal one. Level of retardation depends on temperature, because of LC’s character
Note (3) Only operation is guarantied at operating temperature. Contrast, response time, another display quality are evaluated at +25°C.
3.2Electrical Absolute Rating
3.2.1TFT-LCD Module
(Voltage Referenced to VSS)
Digital Power Supply VoltageVDDVSS-0.35.0V–
3.2.2Back-Light Unit
Forward currentIf–30mA(1)
Reverse voltageVR–5V(1)
Note (1) Permanent damage to the device may occur if maximum values are exceeded or reverse voltage is loaded. Functional operation should be restricted to the conditions described under normal operating conditions.
4.Electrical Characteristics
4.1 TFT-LCD Module (DC Characteristics)
Digital Power Supply VoltageVDD3.03.33.6V
Input High Threshold VoltageVIH0.7 VDD-VDDV
Input Low Threshold VoltageVIL0-0.3 VDDV
Power Supply CurrentICC-(20)(25)mA(1)
Power ConsumptionPL-(66)(90)mW(1
4.2Backlight Unit
The back-light system is an edge-lighting type with six white LEDs (Light Emitting Diode).
LED VoltageVF1819.220.4V
LED CurrentIF-2025mA
Power ConsumptionPBL-384-mW
Note (1) Where IF = 20mA, VF = 19.2, PBL = VF × IF
5.Block Diagram
TFT-LCD Module with Backlight Unit
6.Input Terminal Pin Assignment
6.1Pin Assignment (LCD)
Pin No.SymbolDescription
1LEDKBacklight LED Ground
2LEDKBacklight LED Ground
3LEDABacklight LED Power
4LEDABacklight LED Power
5NCNot Use
6NCNot Use
7NCNot Use
8/RESETHardware Reset
9SPENASerial Interface Data Enable Signal
10SPCLKSerial Interface Data Clock
11SPDATSerial interface data input
12B0Blue Data Bit0
13B1Blue Data Bit1
14B2Blue Data Bit2
15B3Blue Data Bit3
16B4Blue Data Bit4
17B5Blue Data Bit5
18B6Blue Data Bit6
19B7Blue Data Bit7
20G0Green Data Bit0
21G1Green Data Bit1
22G2Green Data Bit2
23G3Green Data Bit3
24G4Green Data Bit4
25G5Green Data Bit5
26G6Green Data Bit6
27G7Green Data Bit7
28R0Red Data Bit0 /DX0
29R1Red Data Bit1 /DX1
30R2Red Data Bit2 /DX2
31R3Red Data Bit3 /DX3
32R4Red Data Bit4 /DX4
33R5Red Data Bit5 /DX5
34R6Red Data Bit6 /DX6
35R7Red Data Bit7 /DX7
36HSYNCHorizontal Sync Input
37VSYNCVertical Sync Input
38DCLKDot Data Clock
39NCNot Use
40NCNot Use
41VDDPower supply for logic circuits
42VDDPower supply for logic circuits
43NCNot Use
44NCNot Use
45NCNot Use
46NCNot Use
47NCNot Use
48IF2Select input interface mode
49IF1Select input interface mode
50IF0Select input interface mode
51NCNot Use
52DEData Enable Input
7.Dimensional outlines
1.Can you

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